All so lovely, Lucy. Your renderings of the stonehouse in Bugbrooke and very different ecology of West Haddon are delightful. And very much need that lion energy about now. Thank you!

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Nov 6Liked by Lucy Fleetwood

I love your gentle leads into the mornings as your remembrances brings me your day as your dog’s stick is teaching me a lesson I needed to know to be conscious of my thoughts for my wellbeing. Including your wonderful healthy mouth watering colorful meal.

I would have to Purée it as I have a colonoscopy bag at my left side.

And getting pretty good at concoctions that taste good like I’m sure yours would too

I’m as happy as your dog with his stick in his mouth with a new recipe to try out.

This is my second time with you. Slowing me down along your way

Thank You 😊


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