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Come join me in a world of warmth, optimism and simplicity, as a counterbalance to the daily onslaught of global news. Think of it as joining me in my kitchen around a big table for a cup of something nice. I’m looking forward to passing on everything I’ve been learning about health—how the brain deals with stress, as well as how you can support your well-being in simple ways with Ayurveda. I’d really love to help you to feel safe and warm as we navigate the challenging times we find ourselves in through reconnecting with your biological rhythms, living in tune with the seasons and managing the brain so that it doesn’t flip into a stress response—anxiety, depression, anger, negative and obsessive thinking.

To manage stress we need to give our positive neural networks a regular workout, that’s what my weekly Slow Sunday letters are all about.


Love growing food and creating nourishing recipes that are simple and heartwarming, all of which I share here, giving the Ayurvedic lowdown too so you can learn about the Ayurvedic approach to nutrition.


Recipes are plant-based with some meat and fish. I use in-season produce, grown myself when possible.

And there’s more!

I will be creating podcasts, fall asleep stories, yoga nidra and relaxation recordings.

And watch out for the podcast of me reading my book “Your Peaceful Belly”!

What to expect

On Sundays I will send out my Slow Sunday letter to all subscribers with some warm words and a recipe. There will also be ad hoc posts each month for my paid subscribers where I share everything I know and continue to learn in relation to digestion, stress and a simple approach to Ayurveda that you can apply to your life. As well as podcasts, recordings and new books serialised as I write them.

Getting to know you

I hope you will comment on posts because I’d love to get to know you, hear your thoughts and ideas and perhaps one day there will be the opportunity for us to sit around a big table together!


For those who would like to give me encouragement and support my work there is a paid subscription that you can pledge at £5.99 a month or £54 a year,

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Join me in a world of warmth and simplicity as a counterbalance to the daily onslaught of global news. Heal digestion, learn Ayurveda, manage stress, recipes, warm words, fall asleep stories, podcasts.


Lucy Fleetwood author & health coach inviting you on a journey of wellness, warmth and optimism.